MEDSCORE is dedicated to assist medical coders to know more about medical coding and billing updates. Every coders and billers must update their knowledge with the current changes in medical coding domain to become a successful coder or biller. To Support them, MEDSCORE collects information from various articles and books and produce them in a simpler content in its own style for a better understanding for the readers.

Medical coders play a vital role in revenue cycle management process as they are highly responsible to transform the healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. Any erroneous coding will cause your reimbursements to get delayed, denied or only partially paid.

MEDSCORE started this blog to get a better solution when the coders are facing challenges while coding different specialities. Here in this blog, you can learn coding concepts, guidelines, current updates related to both coding and billing. It also serves as a best platform for coders who prepares for CPC exam by providing relevant topics and quizzes. The main goal of MEDSCORE is to publish the articles with good content incessantly. Any comments or suggestions from the readers will be greatly appreciated to enhance the coders learning process.

MEDSCORE is also involved in providing training programmes, Auditing, Denial works, Backlog clearance, Coding contract works and other healthcare related services.

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