Radiology CPT changes 2021:

There are only minimal changes in the radiology section for 2021 CPT changes. It includes   two new codes, five revised codes and two deleted codes.

New codes:

CT lung cancer screening:

71271: Computed tomography, thorax, low dose for lung cancer screening, without contrast material

The current HCPCS code G0297 was used to report low dose CT for lung cancer screening. This becomes obsolete in 2021 with the introduction of new code 71271 to report the service.

Radiation dose exposure:

76145: This new CPT is introduced to evaluate radiation dose exposure that exceeds “institutional review threshold”.

Five revised codes:

71250, 71260 and 71270

The codes 71250-71270 describe CT of the thorax with or without contrast materials. These scans may be ordered to evaluate any abnormal or suspected areas of the lungs, pleura, chest wall, mediastinum or any other lung abnormalities. In order to differentiate the screening CT scan of the thorax from the diagnostic scans of the same area, the word “diagnostic” is added to revise the CPT codes 71250, 71260 and 71270.


The code 74425 describes urography, antegrade service for the pyelogram, nephrostogram and loopogram exams. However in 2021, the code 74425 is being revised to remove the specific exams so that the CPT can be used to report any antegrade urography service.


The code 76513 describes diagnostic ophthalmic ultrasound examination using immersion water bath B-scan or high resolution biomicroscopy. The code is revised to include “unilateral or bilateral” to the existing description.

Two deleted codes:

76970: ultrasound study, follow-up

78135: Differential Organ/ Tissues Kinetic




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